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Early life. Kazimir Malevich was born Kazimierz Malewicz to a Polish family, who settled near Kiev in Kiev Governorate of the Russian Empire during the partitions of.

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Malevolent | Define Malevolent at Malevolent definition, wishing evil or harm to another or others; showing ill will; ill-disposed; malicious: His failures made him malevolent toward those who were.

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Philip Shaw, 'Kasimir Malevich's Black Square' (The Art of. Time has not been kind to Kasimir Malevich’s painting, Black Square (fig.1). In 1915 when the work was first displayed the surface of the square was.

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Kazimir Severinovich Malevich - Kazimir Malevich, 1878-1935 (Armand Hammer Museum of Art and Cultural Center) Jan 01, 1991